Our solar solutions can help businesses and industrial clients in many of ways.

Energy Audit as a Service.

KI Energytech is a licensed Energy Auditor by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority. We offer comprehensive Energy Audits services to ensure optimal performance of systems and facilities. We conduct Audits with a focus on eventual energy and monetary savings. Our team is comprised of Licensed Energy Auditors and qualified Energy Engineers with relevant experience to conduct thorough and accurate Audits.

Panoramic power Centrica Energy

Our comprehensive portfolio of energy management solutions consists of our Panoramic Power wireless sensors and power meters in combination with our Panoramic Power Gen 4+ Bridge and complimentary energy management platform, PowerRadarTM. The Panoramic Power suite of power monitoring equipment and software is an industry leader in cost and ease of installation, enabling quick and cost-effective collection and analysis of real-time energy intelligence.